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2020 //  Traditionally drawn


The definition of senescence is :

noun (biology)

the condition or process of deterioration with age

  • loss of a cell's power of divison and growth

As such, this was the perfect title for my film, which was to be a visceral depiction of physical aging.


My interest in physical aging came from an increasing interest in medical imaging and a fascination with seeing parts of the body not visble to the human eye. Yet, it has also come as family members get older and the discussions that arise from  failing bodies in those close to me.


When I began to visualise these interests, I found a love for how tactile materials, such as ink, oil pastel, charcoal and tissue paper, can resemble the patterns of medical images and evoke a sense of the human body.  I particularly enjoyed mixing ink, watercolour and water to create blotches that look like liver spots and cracks that look like veins.

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